Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Call Of Upanisad's

Call of Upanisad's

Take a deep breath,

Relax as much as you can.

Feel happy about parting of all other delusive thoughts.
Stop worrying about any dilemma, which is ruining,foundation of your structure.
Your ideas are being presented before reason and logic for testing it's validity. I know you all are needy and very frustrated. Scientists are using your scripture for fun and humor.

Come on you all,

I have deep respect for all of you and your dedication towards certain set of principles.

Now sit down and i will show you the way of synchronizing each and every logic, reason and your beliefs, prayers in one single chain of thought.

Welcome to this small Hut where u will find anything and everything in order.
Welcome all philosophers and prophets,
Welcome all logisists and scientists
Welcome atheists and layman
Welcome all radicals and extremists
Welcome all nihilists and Buddhists
welcome fanatics and rigidists

This is where i live.
This is what i do for living.
This is what i teach.
This is what i am.

Many call me UPANISAD
but i call myself,
Symphony of Symphony
A perfect Sync